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The Queen of the Dodecanese

Also known as the island of the Knights, due to the world renowned medieval castle situated in the old town, Rhodes is a beautiful island of the Dodecanese combining a sense of cosmopolitan flair with elements of tradition. Rhodes is a popular tourist destination not only for its incredible golden beaches and historical treasures but also for its natural splendour. Walk the street of the Knights and visit the Grand Master Palace, explore Lindos, the ancient Kamiros and Ialyssos. Marvel the rare species of fish at the Aquarium, the Valley of the butterflies, the slopes of mount Prophet Ilias, the 7 springs, the monastery of Tsampika, the village of Monolithos and its castle, the Archaeological museum, the waterpark, the castle of Kritinia, the church of Annunciation, Rodini park and the Museum of ceramic art. Follow hiking trails or explore the island on a bicycle and uncover the well hidden treasures of the capital of the Dodecanese.

Rhodes Town

The Medieval City of Rhodes

The Old Medieval town of Rhodes offers you a gate to a bygone era being the oldest inhabited medieval town in all of Europe. Lose yourself through the hundreds of winding streets with no name, pass by Simi square and visit the Municipal art gallery of Rhodes, walk on the cobblestone street of the Knights and make your way around the walls. As the sun begins to set over its mystique magnificence, watch the streets come alive with the twinkling lights of the cafes, restaurants and bars inviting you to tune into the night and the town’s vibrant nightlife scene.